Combo Break #1

Here are the videos for Combo Break #1 which had the unsold teams auctions ending on eBay on Sunday, March 17th. Remember you can pre-select your teams for the day/week now, and if at least 15 teams are sold, one of the pre-sales will be randomly chosen to be FREE!

EDIT: I just watched the uploaded files of the raw break footage, which was also done LIVE on BlogTV this morning. I’m not sure why the screen capture software was moving, I use Camtasia & offer my sincerest apologies. That said you should be able to see almost every card, and the team by team recap below will also show every card that came out. Again, my apologies.

The Break

Team by Team Recap

EDIT AGAIN: I think I figured out why the camera was moving.. it was following my mouse as I was trying to show serial numbers on the eBay screen, then back to the webcam. My apologies guys! In the future I’m just going to show the serials once and then go from there.

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